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Control your home's temperature on the go

Smart thermostats are a must-have if you want to control your HVAC units with ease. You don’t need to have a smart home to have smart tech.

How Smart Thermostats Work

Smart thermostats work by allowing you to control the temperature of your home using your smartphone or a smart home device, sometimes using voice commands, smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, and more. You can adjust the temperature, turn on your HVAC unit when you are close to home, or turn it off from the road if you forgot. 


Thermostats increase your energy savings by being easy to control and even adjusting to the desired temperature when needed. For example, if you set your preferred temperature to 72 degrees, the thermostat will get the room to that temperature and keep it there unless you choose otherwise. It also turns the unit on only when needed. This prevents energy waste and provides a more comfortable environment for your home. 


We recommend Carrier’s ENERGY STAR®-certified thermostats to give you more control and reduce your energy bills. 

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