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What is a Thermidistat?

Did you know that some home thermostats not only control the temperature in your house, but ALSO the relative humidity?

We call those types of thermostats, thermidistats. When it comes to our A/C system’s thermostats, there are many options available to you. With the latests and greatest Carrier systems we’re installing, these are a great option, and are really popular in the Wimberley area.

In the Texas winter months when you’re operating in HEATING mode in the morning and have to turn it to COOLING in the afternoon, thermidistats are especially valuable. With a typical thermostat, if you forget to turn it back to cooling mode, your house gets hot, and/or humid.

A versatile and beautiful programmable Edge thermostat from Carrier solves these issues. It automatically switches from heating mode to cooling and back without you having to worry about it. Not only can you program the temperature, but also the relative humidity. While the systems do not ADD moisture to the air, they do a GREAT job of removing moisture.

The moisture in your home can certainly effect your comfort levels. But did you know that if the moisture is too high in your home it can also create a better environment for mold to grow, as well as support certain bacteria and viruses?

You should consider a thermidistat especially if you have wood floors in your home. The National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) states that normal relative humidity levels should range between 30%-50% to ensure successful long-term performance of your wood flooring.

A good HVAC system properly installed with a compatible thermidistat is a great way to not only have a healthier environment, but also protect your wood floor investment!

Check out all the features of these thermostats here, or call Wright’s with any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to come out and verify that your current HVAC system is compatible.

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