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UV Lights for HVAC Units - Clean Your Indoor Air

Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Most of us use our HVAC units to cool and heat our homes and offices. They make us comfortable in the summer by providing cool air in the hot, sweaty weather and heat in the bone-shattering, frosty months of winter. Easily-adjustable temperatures in the other seasons make them our best friends, but I bet you didn’t know that they also clean your indoor air when they are equipped with UV lights for HVAC units.

Technology has done wonders for society and has changed the way we do almost everything. Your HVAC unit is no different. Simply heating and cooling are mediocre. The technology experts have found a way to make it possible to integrate many functions into an HVAC unit to not only increase efficiency but to do it without additional equipment.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the indoor air that we breathe should be at the forefront of our minds at all times. Most of us immediately know when the air is not clean when we enter a room. Stuffiness, chest feeling tight, and sniffling are some of the first symptoms we experience. We don’t always know that the cause is the air, but over time, it’s clear.

How would you feel if you experience these symptoms at home? Could you live in that space each and every day without doing anything to make these symptoms go away? High levels of impurities, pet dander, and other allergens fill the air in your home and significantly decreases the air quality.

Your home should be a safe place and your place of comfort. The air you breathe should be pure and healthy for you and your family. Read on to find out how to make this happen.

Your HVAC Unit

Heating and cooling are functions of your HVAC unit. The unit manages humidity levels and makes your home comfortable at all times.

The most common HVAC units today are split HVAC units or mini-split units. These units have an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator coil is located inside and captures heat from indoor air and sends it to the condenser coil which is located outside. The condenser coil then releases the trapped heat outdoors and that’s how the air in your home or office is cooled.

What you might not know is that there are many other parts that can be added on to your HVAC unit to make it function better and assist with other common indoor air complaints. One such part is the UV light for HVAC units.

The ‘V’ in HVAC Units

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC is such a significant part of everyday life now that we simply cannot imagine a world without it. While you know now what the condenser coil and the evaporator coils does, there is another function at work assisting them to make the air in your property comfortable.

The ‘V’ in HVAC represents ventilation. During the process of removing hot air and cooling and sending the hot air outdoors, the ventilation function of the HVAC unit also filters the air before sending it indoors.

How UV Lights for HVAC Units Clean the Air

UV lights for HVAC such as the performance ultraviolet hvac light from Carrier are placed inside theHVAC units. It is designed to kill mold and bacteria that are present in HVAC units. The moist environment of the unit makes it susceptible to the growth of various organisms. These build up over time and can be released into your home if they aren’t killed.

The UV light for HVAC effectively removes the mold and bacteria, viruses, pet dander and other allergens from your indoor coil. It also minimizes further buildup and stops them from becoming airborne.

Indoor Air Pollutants

So much of our time is now spent indoors, whether we are home or at any place of business or recreation. There are even indoor sports parks now, so we are made to do a lot more indoors. Research has shown that we are exposed to more pollutants indoors than we are outdoors. This can have a devastating impact on our health and well-being.

That’s why products like the UV light for HVACs were developed. Their main function is to filter the air we breathe to make it safer. Below are some of the pollutants the UV light for HVAC helps to remove from the indoor air and protect us from.

  • Mold and mildew - Mold and mildew - commonly found in homes, these micro-organisms thrive in damp areas and spread rapidly which makes them hard to get rid of. Your HVAC unit’s drain pan is the ideal place to facilitate this growth as it provides the perfect damp environment. The UV light kills these micro-organisms and prevent them from spreading.

  • Bacteria - We know that there are good and bad bacteria present in the world. Let’s just say that the ones present in your HVAC unit are not good bacteria. These can cause severe illness and can be even worse when spread around your entire home. Using a UV light for HVAC helps to rid your home of these and keep your indoor air clean.

  • Viruses - Everyone is familiar with viruses these days, especially with the coronavirus pandemic that’s affecting the entire world. Everyone is affected one way or another and we need to do all we can to reduce the spread of these. Using a UV light for your HVAC unit is one way to prevent the spread.

Think of it like this - someone enters your home with the virus and it gets trapped in your unit. That virus is then returned to the air and is circulated in your home, getting your family sick. Not good, right? Being proactive is better than being reactive.

What Happens If You Don’t Have UV Lights for Your HVAC Units

In the absence of an ultraviolet light or ultraviolet lamp for your HVAC unit, you are leaving yourself and your family open to allergens, mold spores, and other illness-causing micro-organisms. The ultraviolet UV light is a powerful tool of nature that many industries have utilized for one reason or another.

The powerful UV rays kill germs on contact, so they are quite useful for heating and air conditioning units. Because of this, modern HVAC systems are either fitted with them or they are highly recommended as bid to improving indoor air quality.

Breathe Right

Your indoor air woes can be a thing of the past if you outfit your air conditioners and HVAC systems with UV lights for HVAC units. It is an air purifier that will rid your home and office of impurities that will make the air safer.

Now is the time to act as we are faced with the rapid spread of various viruses and bacteria. Use a UV light system in your HVAC unit to protect yourself and your family.

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