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Can A Smart Thermostat Improve Energy Efficiency?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

smart thermostat in Wimberley

Air conditioners are one of the most common household appliances and for good reason. They keep the temperature around us comfortable and motivate us to want to spend time indoors with family and friends. Though they give us so much comfort, they can also come with the added downside of high energy bills if they aren’t set up to be energy-efficient. Can a smart thermostat improve energy efficiency in your home? Read on to find out how it can.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is at the desired set point. They can control heat or air conditioning systems in homes, businesses, and other buildings. A smart thermostat is a digital thermostat with remote access, programmable settings, and smart energy features. It is a more advanced version of a conventional thermostat that can also be adjusted from a smart device, such as a mobile app on a smartphone or smartwatch.

Smart thermostats are usually powered by batteries and communicate with the central heating and cooling system through a wireless network in a home. It then uses information about the smart house energy system and weather conditions to determine when heating or cooling equipment should be activated.

Smart thermostats usually have touch-sensitive screens which make it possible to change temperature settings with the swipe of a finger. They may also include other smart technology such as smart occupancy sensors, smart moisture detectors, and smart motion sensors. Occupancy smart devices are motion sensors that can detect when someone is in a room, and smart moisture detectors can sense the presence of water. Smart temperature control systems also often use smart occupancy sensors or smart motion sensors to regulate indoor climate conditions based on where people are located in the house.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Affect Your Energy Usage?

Continued use of an a/c unit that is not energy efficient or having temperature controls that are not energy efficient can result in high electricity bills. A malfunctioning air conditioner can cause energy loss, and a unit without smart controls can end up wasting energy by heating or cooling a room or area beyond what is required or even where the a/c services are needed. Having a fully-functioning HVAC system with the best smart controls can help to save on your energy usage and reduce your electricity bills.

Can A Smart Thermostat Help With Energy Efficiency?

A smart thermostat can help with energy efficiency because it has the ability to learn the preferences of each member of a household, automatically self-adjusting to meet their heating and cooling needs. These devices also have the same goal as manual ones: reducing monthly energy bills through improved temperature control. They can accomplish these goals with greater precision, automatically programming themselves to use less energy when no one is home or during periods of unoccupied time.

A smart thermostat takes advantage of changes in occupancy to adjust the temperature. For example, if no one is home, it can automatically turn off heating or cooling. These devices may be set to decrease the temperature by 1 degree per hour until it reaches the desired target temperature. This allows homeowners to come home to a comfortable space without wasting energy heating or cooling an empty home.

In addition, smart thermostats can monitor the temperature of multiple rooms to ensure a comfortable setting throughout a house. For example, they may use algorithms and temperature sensors that learn what is most comfortable for each member of a household and then automatically optimize the settings throughout their homes. Some also come with voice control to allow you to control your home’s temperature.

What Are The Best Smart Thermostats?

The best smart thermostats on the market are trusted to provide temperature control and improved efficiency to homeowners. Some of the most popular brands are:

  • Carrier Smart Thermostat

  • Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat

  • Amazon Smart Thermostat

  • Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Google Nest Thermostat

Get Your Smart Thermostat in Austin From Wright’s AC & Heat

Don’t waste any more of your electricity expenses or energy usage by using faulty thermostats. Utilize the benefits of smart home devices and get a smart thermostat from Wright’s AC & Heat to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Save money and reduce energy waste by giving us a call. Our team is waiting to provide the guidance you need to choose the best option for your residential or commercial property.

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