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7 Reasons to Choose A Mitsubishi Mini-Split AC for Your Home

Choosing an air conditioner for your home is a big investment that requires researching the best options available. Let’s look at 6 reasons to choose Mitsubishi's mini-split ac for your home.

Mitsubishi's mini-split ac unit’s high-quality components, top performance, and sleek designs mean that you get the best ac system for your home. You can be sure that this is the finest unit, as Mitsubishi has been manufacturing a number of products since it was founded and has a reputation for producing high-quality devices and appliances. With their cutting-edge innovation and exceptional quality, the mini-split ac system is the best choice for your residential property.

While we know the general benefits of having an ac unit, there are some specific factors to consider when choosing an ac unit for your home. Mitsubishi's mini split air conditioners are the best choice because they have many vital features that other systems simply don't. Mitsubishi is committed to offering an outstanding product, and their commitment shows in every aspect of their units.

Why Use A Mini-Split AC From Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Electric’s mini split ac systems have many features that set them apart from the competition. Here are the benefits:

1. Quiet Operation - AC units in the past have been loud and bulky. This sometimes made it harder to appreciate the benefits of heating and cooling that the units provided. Indoor units, especially those used for residential purposes, need to be efficient but quiet so as to not disrupt the home. The Mitsubishi ductless mini-split ac unit is ideal for residential use because it runs with no noise while providing the heating and cooling you need. Ductless mini-split ac units provide a high contrast to central air conditioners, which always produce loud noises. Once you operate the mini-split systems, you will notice and appreciate how quiet they are.

2. Energy Efficient AC - There are many reasons why the Mitsubishi mini-split ac unit is more efficient than others. Mini-split heating and air conditioning systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines. This means they provide more energy efficiency than the minimum standards set forth by the U.S. federal government. This means lower electricity bills and more cooling and heating capabilities in single zones. These wall-mounted units give homeowners the option to heat specific rooms instead of the whole-house heating and cooling that comes with central air conditioning. This zoned heating and cooling makes the units highly efficient and reduces energy loss. You can control the temperature in specific areas and adjust as needed.

3. Even Temperature Distribution - Ducted air conditioning systems push air throughout your entire home with no way to control air loss or the temperature in each room. Mitsubishi’s mini-split air conditioning systems are ductless and can provide customized heating and cooling for multiple rooms while reducing air loss. Have you ever experienced feeling hot in one room and cold in another? The temperature control technology allows for even temperature distribution in each zone. One person can adjust the temperature to her liking in the bedroom while others can keep their rooms as cool as they want. All this is possible with Mitsubishi’s mini-split ac system.

4. Combined Heating & Cooling - Gone are the days when homeowners had to get separate heating and cooling systems. It’s now possible to get both features in one system that is controlled by a remote or thermostat. This reduces energy costs and the number of units you need to have in your home. The mini-split systems are comprised of an indoor unit - the evaporator, and an outdoor unit, the condenser. Together, these indoor and outdoor units make the heating and cooling of your home possible.

5. Convenient Comfort Control - We mentioned above that the Mitsubishi mini-split air conditioners provide zoned heating and cooling, which means that each room can be set to the required temperature of the occupants. Modern technology and innovation have made it possible to control the heating and cooling in each room without the centralized air systems we are used to.

6. Better Indoor Air Quality - Many times, the quality of outdoor air is better than that of indoor air. This is because of trapped dust, dirt, and other contaminants in the air that is not moving freely.

How can your ac unit help you to have better indoor air quality? They use air filters that have to be changed regularly and they are ductless, which means there are no ducts present to hold dirt, dust, and allergens in them. Mold is also a big cause of poor indoor air quality; the air filters and the technology used to build mini-split systems reduce the chances of mold forming in the units. These systems also have offer multi-stage filtration that can drastically reduce particles in the air.

7. Ductless Equals More Benefits - When your air conditioning system is tied to your electricity bills, it’s easy for your bills to climb out of proportion, especially with a ducted air conditioning system. Mini-split air conditioning systems use less power and provide more temperature control for each room, and therefore reduce energy loss. Because they are ductless, there is no longer a need to cool your entire space because your system is on.

The Mitsubishi Mini-Split AC - The Best Choice For You

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a Mitsubishi mini-split ac unit for your home, feel free to contact Wright’s AC and Heat for guidance on the right size and specs for you. A ductless air conditioner or HVAC system is ideal for any home to provide air conditioning and heating for your family.

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