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The Infinity® System is Carrier's most advanced heating and cooling system that will change your definition of comfort. With it comes unsurpassed expertise and innovation that gives you the control to minimize temperature swings and reduce hot and cold spots in your space.  

What Is The Infinity System?

The Infinity System from Carrier is a full line heating and cooling products that includes single-stage models and variable-speed models with Greenspeed® Intelligence. These easy-to- operate, quiet, and energy efficient systems are equipped to provide you with the temperature control and comfort you need. 

Advantages of The Infinity System

  • Personalized Comfort - Create the perfect indoor temperature environment for you. Seamlessly adjust the heating and cooling settings to suit your needs. ​

  • Energy Efficiency - Rated most efficient by Energy Star, the Infinity System, the Infinity System reduces energy loss by cooling and heating only your selected rooms and by learning your preferred temperature settings and adjusting to match them over time. 

  • Quiet Performance - The Infinity System operates Up To 50% Quieter than the competition, enhancing your home comfort in more ways than one. 

  • Smart Control - Wi-Fi enabled smart control device mounts on your wall and facilitates communication between your indoor and outdoor units, all while learning and adapting your temperature requirements. You can also enjoy the ease of adjusting the temperature from you smart phone.

  • Improved Indoor Air - With its Capture & Kills technology, the built-in air purifier kills over 95% of air particles and provides cleaner air for your family. 

  • Humidity Control - Infinity technology balances your indoor humidity and the advanced systems can remove up to 400% more moisture from the air than standard HVAC systems.

Why Choose Carrier?

Carrier's Infinity System gives you comfort at your fingertips with innovativeand modern systems infused with the latest technological advances designed to perform at the highest standard. With Bluetooth technology and convenient wall control, you can create the ideal indoor environment with their most advanced HVAC System.

Carrier is a trusted brand with a long reputation of providing high-quality comfort for their customers. 

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