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Air Conditioner Repair In Austin - When Should You Call An HVAC Technician

Air conditioners provide a lot of comfort to the occupants of the homes or offices they are installed in. They give you all the cooling, heating, and temperature control you need to feel relaxed and comfortable. In order for air conditioners to perform efficiently throughout the year, they need to be maintained, serviced, and repaired by experienced a/c technicians.

Wright’s AC & Heat provides air conditioner repair services in Austin. Today, we will highlight when and why you should call an HVAC technician to repair your air conditioner.

A/C repair is a complex task that requires special knowledge, skills, and the right tools to ensure air conditioners run smoothly all year long. Everyday wear and tear can cause air conditioners to malfunction, which is why it's important for homeowners in Austin to contact air conditioning repair technicians when problems arise.

Why Would You Need Air Conditioner Repair Service in Austin

Is your a/c blowing hot air instead of cool air? Having a reliable HVAC service technician on hand is critical if you have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system installed in your home. Repairs should be left to professionals with experience working on air conditioners in homes in Austin. There are certain signs that indicate an air conditioner needs repairs; signs you might miss if you don't know what to look for.

  • Intermittent power - Intermittent power in your a/c unit can be the result of short cycling. This happens when your cooling or heating cycle repeatedly goes on and off. The cause of this is often failing parts, the unit being dirty or needing servicing or another electrical or mechanical reason. A technician who is experienced in repairing HVAC systems can help to get your unit working again.

  • Hot air coming from your air conditioner - There is nothing worse than feeling hot air coming from your a/c unit instead of the cold air you signed up for. This indicates an issue with your refrigerant, a dirty or failed condenser, electrical or other issues. Only an assessment from an a/c repair technician can determine the cause and make suggestions for repair.

  • A whistling sound or rattling sound when air is blowing through the vents - Hearing a whistling or rattling sound from your a/c unit usually means that a part is loose or that something is stuck inside of it. It is important to get it checked by an experienced HVAC technician to avoid further damage.

  • A/C unit produces uneven airflow patterns - If your a/c unit is producing uneven or inconsistent airflow patterns such as hot then cold or cold when it should be hot, this can signal a problem with your thermostat or the unit itself. Get more comfortable indoor air by calling one of the a/c technicians at Wright’s AC & Heat.

  • A musty smell inside your home - Smelling foul odors inside your home can mean that your a/c units or vents need to be cleaned. They might be caused by bacteria, fungus, or mold. Something as simple as a backup of dirty water can cause odor or it can be a more serious issue like a dead rodent. Get this checked out immediately in the best interest of your family’s health.

  • Water dripping from your a/c unit - Water leaking from your a/c unit often indicates an issue with your condensate drain line. It is best to get this checked by one of our technicians as soon as possible.

What Does An HVAC Repair Technician Do?

An air conditioning repair technician finds and repairs issues with your ac unit. Why pay for something that you can do yourself? This is the question many homeowners are asking, especially when it comes to their heating or cooling system. Properly repairing your ac unit may require experience and training that you do not have. Make the safe choice and choose the reliable a/c technicians at Wright’s AC & Heat.

What Type Of AC Units Can An A/C Repair Technician Fix

The a/c repair technicians at Wright’s AC & Heat can fix all commonly-used a/c systems such as:

  • Wall-mounted a/c

  • Portable air conditioner

  • Ductless mini-split a/c systems

  • Split systems

  • Central air conditioners

Call Wright’s AC & Heat For AC Repair Services

An efficient and working a/c unit is just a phone call away when you trust the experienced team of a/c repair technicians at Wright’s AC & Heat. If you have any concerns about your air conditioning system or if your unit is showing signs that it needs to be repaired, call the best a/c repair technicians in Wimberley at 512-847-3191. Our team is waiting to provide the best a/c repair services to you.

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