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Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi's mini-split air conditioners offer a full range of features designed for energy efficiency, performance, and control over your space. The Mitsubishi mini-split ac unit is a trusted and reliable air conditioner that works seamlessly to heat or cool your home. This a/c unit should be your #1 choice if efficiency and dependability are what you seek. 

Install The Energy-Efficient & Reliable Mitsubishi Mini-Split A/C Unit In Your Space

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What Is A Mini-Split A/C System?

A mini-split a/c unit is a heating and cooling system that allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms and spaces. It has two main parts - an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit. Both work together to provide comfortable air conditioning for you. 

Why Choose The Mitsubishi Mini-Split A/C Unit?

Mitsubishi Electric has a proven track record of providing reliable and efficient heating and cooling equipment for residential and commercial properties. A mini-split unit with the Mitsubishi name will give you high-quality, long-lasting comfort in your home. 

Benefits of a Mitsubishi Mini-Split System

  • Ductless - Say goodbye to cumbersome and noisy duct systems. The Mitsubishi mini-split a/c unit does not require ducts to operate, which means there is no need to retrofit your home or deal with the build-up of dust and allergens inside a ducted system.  

  • Zoned Comfort - Enjoy the ease and comfort of individualized heating and cooling with zoned temperature control. Adjust the temperature in each room as needed without affecting other areas of your home. The Mitsubishi mini-split system gives you control over when and where your unit works because each room has its own unit and controls. 

  • Inverter-Compressor Technology - Mitsubishi mini-split systems have compressors that ramp up or down based on the needs of each room to maintain comfort and conserve energy, instead of using energy to switch on and off. This feature improves the energy efficiency of your unit.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality - Ensure better, fresher air in your home with the Mitsubishi mini-split system. Equipped with air filters that are easy to change and optional UV light sterilizers, these units will remove dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your indoor air, making it safer for you and your family.

  • Smart Controls - Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to manage your cooling and heating systems from just about any smartphone or tablet, even remotely, with options including the Kumo cloud® app. Turn your units on or off, adjust the settings or anything else using the remote or a smart device.

  • Whisper Quiet - This mini-split air conditioning system is quiet, yet efficient. It operates with an insulated compressor compartment and vibration dampeners to ensure quiet operation. 

  • Easy Installation - The compact size and flexibility of the Mitsubishi mini-split a/c unit makes installing it in any room a breeze. An experienced HVAC technician will have your unit up and running in no time.

Shop Mitsubishi Electric For a Trusted Brand in Mini-Split A/C Units

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